Indulgent Rituals. Grounding Meditations.
Sensual Journaling. Photo Inspiration & Prompts.
Thrive in the stillness.

This is about meeting yourself deeper.

What is the Holy Hush?

Three years ago, I invited a group of women to go on a 31 day journey with me. It was July, mid-year, and I needed to re-group, get grounded, and come back to center. I do this best in community because I've come to believe that we don't have to do the hard work alone. When I bring my belly back to the earth, I do so in a circle of spirited women who will witness my evolution. This is a privilege and in circle ... in community... it is my honor to mirror back the light, the support, and the love. 

This will the third year we gather. Together.
I provide the guidance, the gentle prompting, and the space.
We work on our own, but side by side.

The Holy Hush is a program rooted in the idea that treating ourselves with sublime care is something we deserve. In the heavy heat of the Summer, we pause ... go soft ... get quiet ... reconnect to our body, heart, and spirit through meditation, journaling, self care rituals, photography, and conversation.

The ideas, stories, prompts, and topics of convo I share tempt and entice the senses. We engage. You will begin to feel ripe and alive in your body. This is an invitation to return to center, determine how you want to feel, and construct the divine tapestry of the pathway ahead.

This work is Holy. Sacred. This is a quiet intermission in the heart of your best year.

I believe that we deserve to take the time to pause, reflect on where we have been, and dream about where we can go.

The mad rush before the clock struck 12 on the New Year combined with the "new year, new me" talk took influence on my empathetic soul.  When I am feeling grounded, whole, nurtured, nourished, and centered, I know in my heart of hearts that I do not have to live up to anyone else's expectations. This is me, just as I am.



Course Dates: July 1 - 31

Course Structure:  3 emails per week {Monday, Wednesday, Friday} filled with rich content, audio files, original photos, and plenty of links. A recorded video will be sent out to you on Sunday wrapping up the topics from the previous week.

Gather:  We will have a hashtag for our Instagram photos and a private Facebook Group where we can connect and discuss all the things!

Included:  A deluxe mini altar tin that comes with secret messages, a sacred crystal, and a few other goodies chosen by me. {Here is a photo of the tin!}

Cost:  $49 USD


Currently in Session - Available again in 2017.

$49 USD