“ when you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving through you “

I feel like I've traveled a million lifetimes to get here. Hello. I am Bella and I am humbled that you have come to visit.

My greatest passion is to gather with women to nourish our spirits and to support one another. I like to think of myself as a space holder and a moment collector.  My desire to be seen and heard morphed into a deep craving to witness and to listen. Through my photography practice, another very big passion of mine, I have had the pleasure of documenting women at various stops on their journey. 

Always barefoot, always chasing the light ...

Always barefoot, always chasing the light ...

I am a woman, a mother, a story catcher. I am enraptured by the sensual nature of the female psyche. I am a sister who thrives in circles of strong, spirited women.  I believe that crystals hold immense healing energy. There is a crystal in every corner of my home and probably in every pocket of my bags, jeans, and pouches. I also love aromatherapy. I think that essential oils are bold healers and vibrate on a love frequency. Using oils and crystals daily has taught me so much about myself and brought on a deep awakening in my spiritual beliefs.

I am  //

  • I am beholden, nurturer, your companion around the fire.
  • I am sanctuary, breath, and prayer.
  • I am city girl, foodie, coffee drinker, wine lover.
  • I am explorer, traveler, loud introvert, quiet flame tender.
  • I give birth to holy spaces and breathe life into sacred circles. 

I love in the suburbs of NYC with my husband and our teenage daughter.  You can connect with me at my blog She Told Stories.

Currently in Session ... Available again in 2017

$49 USD