"When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside." 

Of all the places you could look for answers, for guidance, know that you do not have to go far. In the silence, your soul will sing. The direction will become clear. The pathway will be illuminated. You will find your way home.


JULY 1 - 31, 2016

3 emails per week
{Monday, Wednesday, Friday}
which includes:
Journal Prompts, Meditations,
Music / Audio links, Photo Prompts,
Oracle Card Readings, Self Portrait Inspiration.
+ Sunday video discussing the week's topics
+ Deluxe Altar Tin {oh the goodies}
+ Private Facebook Group {with groups discussions}


All you need for this course is:
- An open heart.
- A journal
- Internet connection + Email account
- A Facebook account (if you want to join the totally
optional Private Facebook Group).
- Camera of your choice to document your process
(cell phone cameras are fine)
- Time. Time to work through the prompts.
- Due to the intimate nature of the prompts
and topics of discussion, this course is open
to women only.

Questions? Click on the email link at
the bottom of the page.

Currently in Session ... Available again in 2017


The Altar Tin. {bracelet colors will vary}

The Altar Tin. {bracelet colors will vary}

How will i feel at the end of 31 days?

Everyone's experience will be different. I would suggest that you create a file in your email inbox so that you can store the emails there for further reflection. It has been my experience when participating in online courses that I cannot read each email on the day it arrives. {Please do not feel bad about this!} 

At the end of our 31 days together, my hope is that you will feel like the first 6 months of the year mattered deeply. That the thoughts, ideas, conversations, relationships, hopes, and dreams of that time are intricately weaved into your history. At the end of our time together you will have looked upon and honored all that came before. Your spirit will feel rested. You will have identified personal talismans and totems to carry with you on your journey through the rest of the year. Most importantly, you will feel a deeper connection with yourself. 

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